The story behind Octopus Bohemian Shop

The story behind Octopus Bohemian Shop

The story behind Octopus Bohemian Shop


Want to know a bit about Yani and Terrene?

We both love our products and are passionate about bring these to our customers.  Yani in particular has a vision for the dreamcatchers and enjoys encouraging our customers to spend their time to choose the right dreamcatcher for their homes.  I love helping people learn to express themselves through our beautiful boho jewellery.  

We always had our Octopus online shop, but Covid-19 has given us the chance to shine.  We found ourselves with time to put into our wonderful online shop whole heartedly.  Everyday we find a new way to reach our followers and provide you with our selected products. We have new products arriving all the time.

Thanks to your feedback we will stock more crystals, incense, essential oils and more in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you updated.

Covid-19 brought us back to Timaru, but before heading down we needed to close the Octopus physical shop in Tauranga.  When we got home, we needed to make room in the garage for all the stock.  I got stuck in putting up shelving.  As I was doing this, I thought, why not make this space a place were people can come and have a look for themselves.  I talked to Yani about creating an outlet shop in our garage.  He said “sure”, but with each step I made I knew he was not 100% sure about it.  My way around this was by saying to him, “setting up an outlet shop in the garage will make it easier for us to find our beautiful products for delivery orders.  This will help make your job easer 😉”.  I was even able to convince Yani to help me paint a funky pattern on the floor.  I hung curtains, draped cloths on the shelving, then displayed our delightful jewellery and WOW the place looks amazing.  Yani saw my vision come to life, and we are proud of the space we have created.  We are now looking forward to meeting our customers face to face.  


Yani has committed so much time and energy working on the online shop, and together we have been thinking of how best to serve and reach you, our customers.  We have had some real struggles, the computer cord gave up on us while in lockdown, and worst of all how backed up the courier system has been.  There will always be ups and downs, but we are committed to delivering our wonderful products to you as promised and as quickly as possible. 

Now that we are in level 2, and most of us are back to work, it’s time to shine.  It’s time to find that something to make your going to work outfit stand out.  Make a bold statement with your jewellery.