Changing times!!

Changing times!!

Changing times!!

My last blog was about opening the warehouse Shop.  I really love working face to face with people so I find working and running the shop is what gets me up.  The shop was open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 1-3pm.  I’d wake early, head off for a run and by 10:30am I would have worked out a fab outfit for the day.  Then while eating my breakfast I would start getting the shop ready to open.  Yani would start by confirming that my outfit was great as he would hand me a coffee. 

I loved working in our little Octopus pop up warehouse shop.

The shop was cram packet with our hand picket products.  From our hand painted floor to our C.D. covered ceiling.  There were even boxes of easy to reach products under the table clothes, for the customer that new what they wanted because they found it on our shop.  By 12 noon I would have finished rearranged a table for new products, the inside dream-catchers would be in place.  I would then open the doors and start arranging the rows of dream-catchers and tables outside.  During this time Yani would be organizing lunch.  Then we would enjoy lunch together before the shop opened.

I love to dress up every day.

I really loved the shop.  I/We got to meet some of the locals.  People even traveled from as far away as Christchurch and Ashburton to visit the shop in Timaru.  Other business owners even came and checked us out.  It’s great being part of this community.  We loved getting to know what our people were interested in because we were then able to point out items that really spoke to them.  We had shared with our customers why we where shutting the shop and some of them felt safe to pop in even though they knew we were shut because they know that we cared for them.  It was great because they needed to pop back in to buy items that they really needed for their well being. 

On the 1st of August we closed the shop down because we had a lot of new stock arriving and we were all so needed to rearrange the stock to put it back into our house truck.  For those of you who do not know we are part of The Extravaganza Fair.  But before we are heading off to Blenheim with The Extravaganza Fair, we have been invited to have our shop at a Fair in Dunedin, exciting being invited!!

Me doing what i love. Helping customers find the right goodies.

This is me, working at the fair helping people finding the perfect item.

From the 2nd of August the beautiful Yani has been taking wonderful photos off our new stock and putting them on the online shop.  Together we have been working out how we are going to travel with The Extravaganza Fair and run the online shop with in our house truck.  Then on the evening of the 11th we heard that New Zealand was going into level 2!!!??? 

Wow how quickly our lives change.  

Now what??

All we can do is what Octoups does best, adapt to the new situation and keep our customers happy.


Terrene and Yani