A-grade, Natural essential oil Goloka 10ml


100 % natural essential oils 

10 ml bottles 

choose from 14 fragrances 

Cedarwood: promotes healthy respiratory function. Natural antibacterial. Anti fungal.

Nutmeg: rejuvenates, invigorates. Promotes good blood circulation, soothing.

Calamus: effective tranquilliser. Helps in treating insomnia. 

Rosmary: sensual, euphoric, relaxant, antidepressant. Reduces stress.

Celery seeds: natural stimulant, excellent mosquito repellent.

Basil: cell regenerating properties. Antiseptic, anti fungal, relaxing, soothing.

Orange: reduces anxiety, fragrance lowers blood pressure, revitalising.

Cinnamon: antiseptic, relives stress and exhaustion, relives colds through inhalation. 

Sage: anti fungal, anti microbial, antioxidant.

Lemon: antidepressant, relaxant, calming, mood elevator.

Ylang Ylang: induces relaxed feeling, elevates mood, antidepressant.

Cardamon: calming, relives stress, cleanses, anti fungal.

Palmarosa: fights fatigue and nervousness. Uplifting effect on the mind.

Patchouli: soothing, boosts energy, promotes harmony.